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What is EPOC?

EPOC is the knowledge-and-development center for Esports Psychologically Oriented Coaches. Our mission is simple: Gather and create research-and-development on how to enhance the world of esports-coaches, from a psychological viewpoint.

You can expect to meet a team of psychologists who are passionate about esport and gaming. We have worked with players, coaches, and teachers from all ends of the esports world – from primary school to professional esports. Simultaneously, we all work as therapists and researchers in other areas of psychology, ensuring that we bring cutting edge research and multi-disciplinary knowledge into play. But most importantly, we are all geeks! We know the world of esports because we love gaming as well.

It is due to this combination of being authorized psychologists and also passionate esports geeks that you will be meeting a team of dedicated esports-psychologists who understands you and your world. That is why we can help you develop your potential.

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