Solving conflicts in an esport team – An important tool?

Are you looking for ways to become better at solving conflicts in an esport team? Are you sometimes in doubt, whether you are solving a conflict correct as an esport coach? Conflicts are a major part of work and life. But wouldn’t it be great with a world without conflicts? An organization without disagreements and […]

What is good communication?

  When it comes to good communication, there is a lot to consider. Firstly, why is it important to have good communication? When we interact with others, whether it is in a professional or personal setting, we constantly communicate, even when we are saying nothing. Our relationships with other people are made up of us […]

Why communication is important for teamwork in esport

  Are you looking for ways to optimize your teamwork in esports? Have you ever wondered what psychological factors play a role in esports teamwork? There are, without any doubt, multiple factors that influence better performance as a team. This article examines why communication is important for teamwork in esport. Tang (2018) suggest that communication […]

Why is it important to have a growth mindset in esport?

A growth mindset is important simply because having a fixed mindset stops development in all areas of life. A growth mindset gives you the necessary mentality for the opposite: continual, feedback-driven and realistic development. To succeed as an esports athlete there is no way around hard work, countless hours of training and competing at every […]