Our Services

Our passion drives our service

And our passion is using esports and gaming to develop people.

Therefore, you can always expect to be met with psychologists carried on by the will to help you develop yourself. Our mantra is: Master the player, Master the game. The player comes first.

Below you will find our services listed. Each of them has a short description. Click on them to read more, and get in contact with us in order to begin working with us.

Mental Coaching

Building a career in esport is not always easy. Whether it is difficulties within the team, organisation, personal life or your own head, sometimes you just need help moving on. That is what mental coaching is for.

Some think of mental coaching as a coach giving you a few quick tips on how to perform better. We don’t believe in that approach – it just doesn’t give you anything in the long run. Therefore, our mental coaching is based in trust, self-worth and honest development.

Prices range from 90€ to 130€ an hour, depending on your commitment.

Coaching is typically planned in 5 sessions initially, but can be expanded upon as needed.

Prof. Supervision

Esport is more than just what happens on the screen. You know that very well, if you work with esports professionally. We have great respect for all professionals within esport, from coaches to technicians, leaders organizations owners.

We offer all esports-professionals supervision, performed by psychologists who understand the world of esport from the inside.

Prices range from 100€ to 150€ an hour.

Supervision can be offered in “short-intervention” style, or in a longer process. We will help you define what is best.


esport communication

The backbone of esports are the teams. No matter what esport, the team needs to function well, if you want to achieve your purpose.

We offer both online and in-house team-development services. We don’t offer quick fixes, but instead we offer solid, deep culture development, which leaves your team with something that a quick-fix can’t: Lasting development of both individuals and the entire team, together.

Prices range from 200€ to 300€ an hour.

All prices include planning with your team leader and preparation.


Because of our extensive experience and knowledge of the esports world, we create useful content with multiple partners already. We transform the relevant parts of psychological theory and method into useful courses, articles, videos or audio, to match our partners purpose.

We have worked with educational institutions, esports organizations and governmental institutions. Nothing is too big or too small, as long as the content is created to help people use esports and gaming to develop!

Prices are project dependent, and dependent on how copyrights are shared.

Contact us with a description of the project, and we’ll develop a plan together!

Courses, online/offline

Psychology have a lot to offer esports athletes and professionals, i terms of their personal development. We offer a variety of courses, all created with the same purpose: Giving you method and practice in developing yourself and the people you work with, through esport.

We don’t believe in overloading our participants with information, without giving them a chance to practice. Therefore, you can expect to gain concrete experience with everything you learn on our courses.

Prices are differentiated for each individual course.

Offline-courses (in-house) always include all meals, and we can be helpful with accommodation as well.


Are you interested in hearing our take on important matters in esport and psychology? We have been doing key-notes speeches at conferences and events in esports, since our very earliest days in Tricas Esport. It is in our blood.

Our passion bleeds through our words, as we aim to inspire to positive change with our key-note speeches. Get in contact with us to learn more about our approach to motivational speaking, in esport!

Prices range from 1000€ to 3000€, excluding transport and other logistic expenses.

Prices and terms are subject to negotiation.