Key-Notes and Lectures

We are PASSIONATE about esportpsychology, and we are at the forefront of creating and using research to better the world of esports. We also love to give presentations, lectures and workshops about it. If you are in need of psychologists who are also huge esports geeks (and fans), you have come to the right place.

Who we are

The two psychologists mainly working in our esports section are: Trine Bjerremand Caspersen and Morten Saxtorff

Trine is an authorized psychologist, specialized in neuro-psychology and psychological therapies, with tons of experience from multiple areas of the world of business. More about here can be found here: LinkedIn

Morten is an authorized psychologist, who is working passionately on building a specialization within the world of esport and gaming. He has extended experience in working with teams and organisation, both professionally and as a volunteer. More about him here: LinkedIn

Our work (so far)

As there were little to none tradition of psychology within the world of esport and gaming, when we began our work, we had to take some time to analyze how we could help this everchanging universe. We did so, by building a network of esports organisation, teams and people. From there on, we have done tons of projects and services. Our goal is to constantly improve our approach to achieve this purpose:

Be a driving force in the realization of esport and gaming as factors of human development.

Previous key-notes and publications

At NPF 2019 (Denmarks biggest LAN-experience) we gave multiple lectures aimed at three target groups:

  1. Firstly, a key-note for businesses interested in understanding what gaming could offer their company.
  2. Secondly, a workshop for coaches of “academy-teams” (teams tied to an educational setting).
  3. Last, but not least, a motivational introduction to teamplay for the acadamy teams players (ranging from 12-20 years of age).

Copenhagen Games in 2019 hosted more than 10000 people during it’s course. We gave a lecture on teamwork and team-culture adressed at coaches from the volunteering community in Denmarks esport.

GG (Gastro and Gaming) invited us to engage with the parents of their users. We had a great time getting to understand the worries of the parents, and help them define what is good/bag gaming behavior.

“The Human Factor in Esport” is our first publication. This book is a venture into the field of “esportspsychology” meant for the curious and keen coach, player and leader of esports teams.

The book has received international interest, being sold across 4 continents. It is in many ways quite basic, and is not meant as a “guide-book,” as much as it is a tool for athletes and coaches to use in their everyday work with esport.

“Kort og Godt om Børn og Gaming” (Children and Gaming) is

You are always welcome to ask any question you’d like!