The EPOC course

Next course starting january 2020!

Knowledge, practice and personal style for esports coaches with a focus on the human behind the screen


Gaining the knowledge and experience to use psychological tools to better your professional coaching, without the need for outside assistence


The course build on three key-factors to build your skills

  • Individualized learning design: Together, we tailor your learning-path
  • Team-based development: Your will be part of a team of your peers
  • Individual supervision: Sufficient 1-on-1 time with the course-leader

Your Take-Away

  • The ability to analyze your players, team(s) and your own process
  • Sufficient knowledge of psychological theory and method
  • The ability to work with team culture and team development
  • The ability to choose the right tools to create the right change
  • Knowledge on how to implement feedback in your work

The core competencies

Team Coaching

Using culture to fuel development
Goal setting in teams
Feedback in teams
Conflict management
Teamdevelopment too

Personal Style

Who are you?
What do you stand for?
What is your professional Purpose?
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
Personal coaching with the psychologist

Individual Coaching

Motivation and frustration
Masterplan (WWH3)
Basic cognitive reflection
The difficult conversation

Building Cultures

Purpose and values

Process goals and activity goals
Levels of culture
Team leadership
Beliefs and behavior

Learning Design

Adjusting to your players level
Activating personality
Creating the learning-journey
Agility in design and process
From knowledge to experience

The course

The course runs over 4 months, with four clinic-weekends. In between every workshop there is (atleast) one online team-meeting as well as individual supervisions with all participating coaches. Below is a description of each workshop weekend, the online meetings, and the supervisions.

First Workshop

Focus of the workshop:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Theory on team culture

We practice team culture by creating our own coach-team. Thereby, the coaches get first hand experience with the theory they have just learned.

Second Workshop

Focus of the workshop:

  • Individual coaching
  • Learning design

Learning the theory and methods of coaching individuals. This will give you the required skills to develop your players.

Third Workshop

Focus of the workshop:

  • Team coaching
  • Case-work

Expanding upon what we learned in the second workshop, we take coaching into the team setting. Casework with real-life cases.

Fourth Workshop

Focus of the workshop:

  • Personal style
  • Adjourning the course

As the coaches have now gained knowledge and practice as EPOC coaches, it is time to develop their own style to build upon.

Online team meetings

To enforce learning and practice of the skills taught in the workshop weekends, these online meetings will be the arena in which the coaches will practice their skills. By using the exact methods that has been taught at the workshops, the psychologist will make sure the coaches get to try out the methods for themselves, using the other coaches as learning partners.

Individual supervision

To make sure each individual coach are on the right track in their learning, there will be individual 1-on-1 supervision (online or in-person) in between every workshop, atleast once for every participant. These session will focus on what the coach needs to focus on, to develop their individual style to the next level. This will also serve as hands-on experience with how a coaching session can be managed, giving both tools and experience to the coach.

Practical information

Below you can find all the information you need, regarding time, place, logistics, accommodation and more.


The workshop days will take place in a fitting place in Odense. Depending on the number of participants, we will make sure we have a fitting location and a full esports setup available.

The online meetings (and most likely your supervision as well) will be held using two services: Discord for the team-meetings and Kara-connect for the individual session (heavily encrypted to ensure privacy).


The course runs two times a year – one starting in august, one starting in january. Both courses last 4 months, starting from the first workshop weekend and ending with an online meeting at the end of the 4th month.

The online meetings will happen on a week-day evening, in accordance with the schedule that is fitting for the most of the participants.

The individual supervisions will be planned individually.


The course is meant for 5, 10 or 15 people. This is to make sure we can create 1, 2 or 3 coach-teams to practice what is taught. The max is 15, as we want to make sure the course is still intimate enough, for trust and respect to be a the very core.

In order to participate you must be an esports coach with atleast one year of experience. We will ask for proof of this, when we get in contact shortly after your purchase of the course. If you can’t honor this, we will refund you and hopefully welcome you next time.


Transport to and from workshops not included (any transport used within the workshop is included in the price).

Light breakfast and full lunch are included. On workshop days expanding into the evening supper and snacks are included.

The particpants must ensure their own accommodation during the weekends (we’re happy to help). Not included in the price.

Price and Payment

The course is priced at 10000 Dkk (1500$ or 1170£), and covers all expenses (except from the ones specified above). The course can be paid in full or in four rates (1/4 of the price per month). The money are non-refundable once the course has begun (unless subject to force majeure).

As soon as you have bought the course, we will contact you via the email you have used for the purpose. We will supply you with all the information you need, and make sure we get any information we might need from you.

Get in touch!

Do you have any questions that wasn’t covered in the information above? Be sure to write us about it!