Esportspsychological services for individuals

Your journey through esports is without a doubt an adventure! It has its ups, and it has its downs. Like any good adventure, it is sometimes nice to have a wise companion, with your, just as Frodo has Gandalf and Harry has Dumbledore. But what do you need a grey-haired old weirdo for, in your life?

We actually cannot guarantee that you will get a grey-haired psychologist, but we can guarantee that you will get a wise sparring-partner, who will help you find the tools and insights you need to move further in your development as a professional within esport. All our psychologists have extensive experience with the world of esport.

Below you will the services we provide to individuals within the world of esport. Our services are divided into two categories: Development for esports athletes (players) and esport professional (professional working within esports).

Our services

Mental Coaching for esports athletes

Through face-2-face meetings, we will map out your journey as an esports athlete. We will understand your past, your present and your future.

With this foundation, we will reflect upon your development and make sure you have the tools and understanding required for you to develop to your next level.

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Supervision of esports professionals

By gaining an understanding of the world you navigate, you and the psychologist will create a foundation for your work together. The psychologist is an expert in providing you with the tools and methods to develop professional and personal competencies.

We challenge you, enlighten your strengths and help you in treading the path that will make you grow.

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