Supervision of esports professionals

Whether you are an organisation leader, an esports team coach, a manager or a professional of any sort, within the world of esports, you are most likely in a VERY fast-paced business. As business professionals have done in all other areas of business, it might be a good idea for you to have a sparring-partner to dicuss your personal growth with.

That is why we offer supervision of esports-professionals. There is little difference between the methods used in the supervision, from any other field, but our keen understanding of the esports world sets us apart from any other psychologists providing supervision. This is the service for you, if you are looking for a way to improve you social and personal skills and competencies.

Our services

Supervision (face-2-face or Webcam-2-Webcam) – hourly price

1000 Dkk (150$ or 115€)

Supervision (face-2-face or Webcam-2-Webcam) – 5 sessions

4000 Dkk (600$ or 470€)

Supervision (face-2-face or Webcam-2-Webcam) – 8 sessions

5000 Dkk (740$ or 580£)

It’s always free to ask a question: