Esportspsychological team-development

The most important factor for succeeding in the world esport is the team. If your team doesn’t work, nothing works. But how do you make a team go from a group of individuals to a tight-knit team of colleagues?

Our esportpsychological team-development tools are build upon three principles:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go long, go together.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Honesty is like alcohol in a wound – it hurts, but it clears out the impurities, allowing healing

Below you will find our team-development services

Our services

Prices are a guideline, but will always be adjusted to the individual situation, with the leader/coach/project owner.

Conflict Management – Hourly Price

1200 Dkk (180$ or 140€)

On-location team development Clinic (anywhere in the world) – prices range according to expenses and content of clinic

10000-50000 Dkk
(1500-7450$ or 1150-5800€)

Online team development session (minimum of 3 hours)

3500Dkk (520$ or 410£)

Conflict Management Services

Every successful team experience conflict. It is an essentiel part of social-psychology that we discuss our teamwork! Sometimes these discussion get out of hand. That’s when it might be time to call in some help.

Team Development Clinic

If you want to improve as a team, it is not wise to keep doing the same thing over and over. Research from psychology has shown immense impact of team-development clinics away from your normal scene.

Team Development (Online)

What does it take to move above and beyond just being a esports team like all the others? A good place to start, is by building a strong culture. Through online coaching with our psychologist, the team will grow, together.

Here’s what other teams have to say about us

Out team had the pleasure of working with Tricas. We worked with development as a team! – We left the workshop with tools, making the future of our main-team a lot more effective. On top of that, we can take this learning and apply a lot of it to the rest of our organization.

Semi-Professional CS:GO team, Team not disclosed

We were not very used to working together as a team, which gave us a lot of what the psychologist called “false harmony.” After having working for 4 hours with our teams values, honesty, goals and team-work strategies, we now have a very clear idea about what we want, together as a team. It wasn’t exactly a “pleasure” working with the psychologist – but it was honest, brutally honest, and that was really what we needed.

Semi-Professional CS:GO team, Team not disclosed

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