Conflict Management

Conflict is a basic necessity of life. If there were no conflict, there would be no development. But conflict can have severe consequences, if it is not handled wisely. If, on the other hand, conflict is handled with honesty, respect and care, the result can be a stronger relationship within the team. Teams that survives conflict together, thrives together.

How we can help you

When we enter a team’s conflict as psychologist, we start by forming a clear contract with all involved. That means that we make sure everyone has a chance to explain themselves, in a respectful manner. The psychologist is trained in understanding and handling behavior and will take the responsibility of guiding the conversation.

When we have established the foundation of the conflict, and understood everyone’s part in it, we move onto creating mutual understanding of what is differing opinions, and what is just plain-old misunderstandings.

Having laid out this groundwork with the team, we move on to the final part of the process: clearing the air between the conflicting parts, finding common ground, and creating a clear contract of how to handle these differing opinions in a constructive manner.

It is NOT our purpose to change someone’s mind, Instead, it is to help the team agree to disagree in a productive manner.

You are always welcome to ask any question you’d like!