Team-Development Clinic

Have you ever heard the saying about couple’s that develop together stays together? Well, the same is true for esports teams: Team’s that evovle together tend to stay together for a longer time, and have a better culture. That is what our team-development clinics are all about: Developing your team, together.

To do so, it is often (but not always) a good idea to move away from your normal sorroundings as a team, and face some new challenges together. This is what we provide you with, at our team-development clinic: new challenges, to face together as a team, and a psychologist to boost the learning you gain from it.

For a full example of a two day clinic, scroll to the buttom.

How we do it

Initially, a conversation between the psychologist and the team’s leader/leaders will take place. Through this conversation, the psychologist will uncover what the team’s current situation is, and what needs to be done to move the team to the next level. It is very important to understand that the team and its leaders are expected to participate willingly and respectfully for the clinic to yield the best possible result.

From the conversation, the psychologist creates a program for the team’s clinic. This program is then sent for feedback from the team. The feedback is evaluated, and the final program is formed with the feedback added.

On the day of the clinic itself, everyone who are supposed to participate (psychologist, the team, the team’s leaders) will meet up, and the program for the day shown and discussed. Then it’s GLHF, and here we go!

During the day, there will be multiple different activities, typically designed like this:

  • An introduction to the activity and the relevant psychological theory to match it
  • The activity itself is carried out
  • The team and psychologist sit down to reflect on the activity, and make sure the team takes learning from it
  • The psychologist debriefs the leaders and team on the acticity, and picks up on the relevant learnings

This process is repeated to match the program (if there are multiple activities in the clinic).

Remember, we are always helpful in helping the team to find suiting accommodation through our extensive network. We also have no issues in travelling to wherever you are, and creating the clinic in your local surroundings. Get in contact with us, and we will find a fitting solution.

Prices vary according to program*

Because we create to program together it is of course impossible to give you a precise price for a clinic right here. To give you an overview of what to expect, here are some prices from examples:

2 day clinic in Denmark (Prices do not include accommodation and logostics, as the team managed this themselves). Full program both days (10:00 to 20:00 both days).

15000 Dkk (2235$ or 1750£)

1 day clinic in Germany. Logostics and accommodation included. Full day program. Prices of activites included.

20000 Dkk (3000$ or 2350£)

*Before the clinic, a complete contract is created and signed by all relevant parties, with a fixed price. This means that you will (of course) know the price, program and any other circumstances, before you agree finally to anything.

Get in contact here to create a clinic with us

An example of a clinic

Team Examplifiers is an esports team competing in tournaments both nationally and internationally. They are sponsored by the telemarketing giant “Internetify.Me,” who has agreed to give them the budget to develop their team’s teamwork skills. Recently the team has been performing well, but they are feeling a loss of momentum, and fear that they will stagnate at their current level.

The team’s manager “Exampleton” hears about a group of psychologists in Denmark providing clinics that have helped a few of their competitors, and goes to check it out. He talks to the team about doing a clinic in Denmark, as a change of scenery from their normal work-scene. The team agrees, but only if they can get a program for the clinic, before they give their final approvement. Exampleton contacts Tricas Esport and gets in touch with one of the psychologists. They agree to have a non-committal meeting via Discord, to try to structure a clinic that will help the “Examplifiers” find their momentum again.

They structure a 2-day clinic with this program:

Day One:

10:00-12:00 Breakfast, introductions and discussion of the purpose of the first day of the clinic

12:00-17:00 Activity one: Escape room. The team is put through an escape room. Afterwards, they have a session with the psychologist about their communication style. Then they are put into a second escape room, to practice what they have just learned.

17:00-18:00 Pause and transition from escape rooms back to “base.”

18:00-19:00 Dinner and presentation of psychological theory on teamwork, motivation and “keeping momentum.”

19:00-21:30 Team-discussion about how they want to move towards their dream of becoming a top-10 team in the world, guided by the psychologist asking important questions about purpose, strategy and teamwork.

21:30-??:?? Gaming, socializing and rest.

Day Two:

10:00-12:00 Breakfast and evaluation of the previous day. Introduction to day two.

12:00-15:00 Discussion and strategy creation of the team’s motivational structures. Honest reaction from team members, leaders and other professionals around the team, to the dream/strategy of the team. Finalization of the teams “Purpose-plan” with creation of specific – and process-oriented goals.

15:00-16:00 Pause and snacks.

16:00-20:00 “Real-Life-Practice” of the teams new “Purpose-plan.” The team is put into an everyday-practice environment (Tricas has made sure there is computers and all other materials needed to mimic the teams everyday training). The team tries to practice according to their new plan, with the psychologist as a guide.

20:00-22:00 Dinner and evaluation of the Purpose-plan after the “Real-Life-Practice.” Rewriting of strategy to be realistic and viable, when the team gets back home.

22:00-??:?? Gaming, Socializing, Drinks and “See you next time!”

After the clinic

The leaders have a discord meeting with the psychologist to evaluate the clinic and its outcome. The psychologists add whatever theory, methods or comments can help the team take home the strategy and continue their development through it.