Online Team-Development

To ensure the continued development of a team it is often important to make sure they reflect upon their teamwork. Mistakes and conflict often comes from a team just “doing like they always do,” instead of reacting according to their ever-changing situation. To help counter this tendency in a team, it can be a good idea to provide the team with ongoing team-development sessions.

We provide this service to teams of semi-professional and professional levels in esport. Our way of doing this is based upon three steps: 1. Creating an honest and respectful relation with the team. 2. Understanding and challenging the teams status in an ongoing manor. 3. Challinging the individual team member, and the team as a whole, on important issues, to get them to reflect upon their practice, and improve their teamwork competencies.

How we do it

Initially, a conversation between the psychologist and the team’s leader/leaders will take place. Through this conversation, the psychologist will uncover what the team’s current situation is. From this conversation, the psychologist will create a short program for the team-development session with the team itself.

On the day of the session itself, it is expected that all teammembers participate. It is also expected that the leader has informed the team about their intention behind giving the team this team-development session. The psychologist will gladly aid in communicating this.

The (first) session itself will usually be structured into these sections:

  1. Introduction of all participants
  2. Introduction of the purpose of the meeting
  3. Discussion of the important subjects concerning the team’s development
  4. Theory, exercises and practice are discussed and carried out
  5. Evaluation of the meeting
  6. “Take-away” messages and learning from the meeting are discussed
  7. “Until next time” – if the process is ongoing, the team and psychologist agrees upon what should be practiced until next time


Stand-alone session (no follow-up)

2500 Dkk (375$ or 290£)

Ongoing sessions with team (5 sessions)

10000 Dkk (1500$ or 1160£)

*Prices always include planning-meeting with leader and (if wanted) short evaluation with leader.

Make sure to ask us anything you’d like to know!