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There are so many things to learn in esportpsychology. It would be impossible to teach it all, without creating a full-time 5-year masters program. But until that becomes a possibility, we have develop several courses for you to take. They all centered around how psychological theory can help esport professionals (both athletes and other professionals in the business).

On this page you will find our courses – both online and IRL courses. Make sure to click on the links to learn more about them! And, as always, you are very welcome to get in contact with us through the contact-template below!

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EPOC for Coaches


EPOC stand for “EsportsPsychologically Oriented Coaching” which describes a coaching style that uses important factors from psychology to help the coach manage the team in a positive way.

The course is carried out over a span of 3 months, with 3 clinics (IRL). In between clinics, the coach will be offered individual supervision on relevant cases and recieve training material i forms of online-course (video, articles and audio-material).

Incl. Food, Activities in Clinics, etc.:

8000 Dkk (1200$ or 1000£)

Status: Currently Active, check link for next course-start.

Feedback: Two Headed Ogre (Two Players)

One of the strongest tools in any esports professionals kit, is feedback. In this course, you will learn how to give and recieve feedback in a constructive way, giving you important new insights.

The course runs on an online platform, making sure you always have access to it (via smartphone, tablet and computer). The course exercises can only be done with a partner!

Full course: 200 Dkk (30$ or 25£)

Addon: 1 hour session with a psychologist, both players, regarding the course:
1200 Dkk (180$ or 140£)

It’s always free to ask a question: