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Here you can find all the research and litterature we have used, created or co-created. The information here is all built on research from the world of psychology. We strive to help growing the body of knowledge within esportpsychology, as we believe that a scientific approach is an important factor to match with a practical


Our own litterature is often divided into theory, method and exersices. From experience, we know that inspiration is not enough. If we want to learn from the things we read, listen to and see, we must try it out in the real world.

Therefore, you will often find that our content is divided into knowledge (theory), experimentation (method and exersices) and evaluation.

We hope you get inspired, and learn something from our content here.

Podcasts and Videos

Check out interviews and debates in which we have participated.

These are all recorded and created by some of the lovely esports and gaming personalities that we are fortunate enough to work with.



Throughout our work in esport, one of our primary focus-points has been to gather and create new litterature in the world of esportspsychology.

Here you can find a selection of our articles. They are all created and published by us, but can sometimes be found quoted elsewhere.

Paid Content

For the very interested esport-professionals, we have a range of materials and sources you can gain access to.

From books, to video and white-papers, this is all created from a strong passion of using esports as a platform to develop people.

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